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Lebù for Cold Creams

If you own a business in the food area and you’re looking for pre-made mixes for cold creams to prepare for your customers, Lebù is just what you need: our powder mix allows you to get a tasty tiramisu-flavored cold creamin a few moments, with no need to use other appliances other than the ones you normally employ in your activity. A cold cream is especially suitable for the hot months and it can be made even more captivating through the usage of Lebù coffee and sponge finger-flavored topping , which will enhance the tiramisu flavor of your dessert.

Lebù Cream is a powder mix devised by thoroughly balancing out high quality ingredients so as to achieve the unmistakable, authentic taste of your trademark Italian tiramisu. That’s not the end of it, though: our offer also comprises a coffee- and sponge finger-flavored topping to finish off the taste experience of your customers with an additional touch of scrumptiousness. This topping is perfect to decorate your tiramisu-flavored cold cream, add texture to your dessert and make the whole experience even tastier.

Ready to eat as fast as lightning, cold creams are sweet treats that can be savored at any time of the day and delivered anywhere.. Therefore, it is something you can consider offering not only in restaurants and coffee shops, but also in food trucks and booths. Thanks to its ease of use and little time needed for preparation, you will also be able to serve this tiramisu-flavored cold cream at big events.

Try out a brand new version of the most loved dessert in Italy, with the yummy touch of our coffee- and sponge finger-flavored topping!

How To Use Lebù For Tiramisu-Flavored Cold Creams

In order to make your tiramisu-flavored cold cream:


Use a 5-liter sorbet maker – the one that is already in use for the making of slushes is just fine;


Create your tiramisu-flavored cold cream by mixing 1.2 kg of Lebù Cream with 3.2 liters of whole milk;


Serve your cold cream in a 6-oz glass: we recommend using about 20 grams of Lebù Topping every 60 grams of cold cream and then garnish with cocoa to taste.

Practical and quick to make, tiramisu-flavored cold creams prepared with Lebù are suitable for takeaway and to eat at any catering outlet. Discover all the other applications for Lebù Cream and Lebù Topping and the offer we’re making to our new clients!


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