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Lebù For Tiramisu-flavored

Making parfaits is a great challenge even for the most experienced bakers and ice-cream makers: it indeed requires the usage of particularly complex techniques, such as beating eggs and preparing Italian meringue, a painstaking attention to the balancing of ingredients, which determines the final texture of the dessert, and caution in storing. For all these reasons, it isn’t always possible to offer such desserts in one’s outlet.

But what if we told you that you could actually be able to prepare a wonderful tiramisu-flavored parfait with the right texture, without any particular equipment or effort, just by using Lebù? Lebù is a 2-in-1 solution enabling you to provide all your customers with a creamy dessert with the delicious taste of tiramisu, the dessert Italians like the most, without having to deal with the issues of traditional tiramisu making.

Our mix for parfaits comprises a pre-balanced powder mix made with staggeringly high quality that will form the perfect base for your dessert.

A tiramisu-flavored parfait is suitable for many occasions and usages, like a private celebration, in restaurants and food trucks, or just as the dessert for a hearty, tasty afternoon snack. Quick and easy to use, Lebù is the solution you need to bring your food outlet to a whole new level and elevate your offer through the addition of new flavors!

How To Use Lebù For Tiramisu-Flavored Parfaits

Here’s how you can use our mix for flawless tiramisu-flavored parfaits:


Use the same kneading machine you already employ for your normal preparations within your restaurant, bakery, coffee shop or food truck;


Create the base for your tiramisu parfait by mixing 150 grams of Lebù Cream with 100 grams of cream and 250 grams of mascarpone cheese;


Layer up your parfait by alternating your mousse with sponge cake soaked in coffee, then drizzle with cocoa to taste.

In order to use Lebù you won’t need to get specific appliances, just common ingredients that you use for many other preparations in your kitchen or lab. Lebù Cream and Lebù Topping also have a long shelf life and therefore help you optimize processes and reduce waste in your business.


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