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You don’t often see dessert food trucks, and there is a reason for this: the preparation of desserts – especially those which need to be stored in a fridge or freezer – requires a care that isn’t compatible with the limited space of a truck or its hectic working hours. On top of this, whenever you finish your stock whilst attending a fair, it’s not so easy to get supplies, especially if you’re working far away from home and your warehouse.

The Taste of Convenience

Lebù can be the ace up your sleeve: if you own a food truck or booth, Lebù enables you to offer your clients a high quality dessert that is at the same time effortless and convenient to make. Our Lebù Cream powder mix and Lebù Topping can be stored in a common pantry and allow you to make cold creams, ice creams, softies, parfaits and milk puddings and custards with a crushing tiramisu taste. A space-saving, zero-waste versatile solution to offer your clients a variety of sweet desserts directly from the windows of your food truck!


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Versatile, compact & Practical

Lebù was designed with a space-saving packaging to make good use of the tiniest trucks and unlock the possibility for you to offer sweet treats from the windows of your four-wheeled catering outlet. With just one solution, you will be able to create several different tasty street-food desserts depending on the appliances and machinery you own. Follow our advice to make perfect ice creams, single-serve parfaits, milk puddings and custards and cold creams. As for the latter, they can be stored in a freezer – even directly in the pastry bag – and moved from your lab to your truck if and when need be.

Lebù also includes a topping made with sponge fingers and coffee – this is the ultimate touch to complete your tiramisu-flavored desserts and enhance their taste.

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