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Catering is an ever-changing world, and finding a way of keeping one’s offer up to date and of smeeting the taste of customers without having to purchase a wide range of ingredients is no easy thing: it costs a lot of money and is hard to handle when you have little space available in your shop.

Lebù is a brilliant solution for businesses looking for a way to diversify their offer and reduce the waste of space and time, providing their clientele with a tasty and stress-free dessert that can be prepared in any given moment. Our effortless solution enables you to create up to 5 different tiramisu-flavored desserts in a few moments, regardless of the size of your shop and using appliances that you already use for other preparations.

Lebù is a handy 2-in-1 solution containing:
  1. Lebù Cream powder mix, a base that allows you to prepare a variety of desserts such as cold creams, milk puddings and custards, ice creams, softies and parfaits all sharing the same unmistakable tiramisu taste;
  2. Lebù Topping, a coffee and sponge finger-flavored topping to finish up your milk puddings and custards, as well as ice creams, single-serve desserts and pastries. This is the ideal garnish to choose if you want to provide your customers with a full-bodied and unforgettable taste experience.

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desserts for catering companies

Lebù was designed for a wide variety of enterprises ranging fromice-cream parlors to restaurants, bakeries, food trucks and coffee shops. Due to its versatility and ease of use, Lebù allows you to create professional desserts with an authentic and refined taste, playing with textures and offering a range of sweet treats: milk puddings and custards, parfaits, ice creams, soft-serve ice creams and cold creams.

Its long shelf life and reduced size also make it a great tool for the optimization of the usage of raw materials and to keep your pantry or warehouse uncluttered.

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