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Lebù stems from Granulati Italia’s 40 years’ experience as a maker of ice-cream mixes: it is the very first and up to now the only solution on the market allowing catering professionals to prepare quality tiramisu-flavored ice creams and desserts in just a few steps, thus optimizing both preparation time and spaces and diversifying one’s offer from that of competitors.

Lebù is the ideal product for ice-cream and yogurt parlors and bakeries since it gives them the chance of creating many different desserts – such as cold creams, ice creams, soft-serve ice creams, parfaits, milk puddings and custards – using one single powder mix (Lebù Cream) and a topping (Lebù Topping). This way, one can optimize cooking time, shorten the odds of human mistakes and provide customers with high quality, original flavors.

Lebù For Ice-Cream Parlors

Ice-cream parlors are always looking for new flavors and products to make them save time and money. Lebù is the ideal solution for ice cream exactly because it allows them to make artisanal tiramisu-flavored ice creams in a quick and effortless way thanks to the Lebù Cream powder mix: once you’ve tried it, you will never live without a stock of it in your pantry. In addition to it, Lebù Topping will give a final touch of sponge finger flavor, helping you garnish cups and containers and make them look as scrumptious as they taste!


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Lebù for bakeries

Lebù is also a great asset for bakeries, allowing them to easily and quickly make tiramisu-flavored milk puddings and custards through the usage of the Lebù Cream powder mix and Lebù Topping. Use it also to create delicious fillings for your baked products or to expand your afternoon menu: besides, is there anyone who doesn’t like tiramisu?

Lebù For Yogurt Parlors

Lebù can come to your rescue even if you only have a softie machine: in fact, you can use it to create delicious tiramisu-flavored softies in the blink of an eye. If you have a fridge where you can store your cold desserts, take advantage of the versatility of our product to widen your offer and provide your yogurt parlor’s clientele with the possibility to purchase creamy cold desserts to eat at your premises or to take away..

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