Lebù: The First Complete Mix for
Creams & Toppings

Crema fredda Tiramisù

What Is Lebù?

Lebù is the very first ready-to-use mix to create a super delicious tiramisu-flavored dessert in your ice-cream parlor, bakery, yogurt parlor, coffee shop or restaurant, as well as food truck or kiosk.
Our cutting-edge mix is a one-of-a-kind solution enabling you to make complete and tasty desserts as easily as A, B, C. It’s a 2 in 1 product made up of:

  • Lebù Cream: a powder mix to prepare the core of your dessert, one that is as creamy and tasty as tiramisu. A tiramisu-flavored cream for milk puddings and custards, frozen desserts, softies and traditional ice creams with exactly the same uncompromising flavor of one of the symbols of Italian patisserie;
  • Lebù Topping: a coffee and sponge finger-based garnish to top up the rich taste of your dessert.

With up to 5 different applications, suitable for restaurants as well as ice cream parlors, bakeries and coffee shops, it is indeed a great solution for anybody willing to provide their customers with a yummy, genuine taste that doesn’t require either big labs or a long time to be prepared and is also easy to store.


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Why Lebù?

Why a tiramisu-flavored cream and topping? Here’s why: to us, the rounded and rich flavor of this dessert is synonymous with joy of living and hanging out together, with all those moments in life that are made valuable by the fact that we share them with the people we love. It’s the dessert of Sunday lunches at mama’s, of celebrations, the scrumptious, heartwarming gift that makes your day when you feel down, the treat you look forward to at the end of a hard day.

Its name is the contraction of the phrase ‘L’è bù’ [leh-boo], which in the Bergamo dialect, that is our dialect, simply means ‘It’s good’. A genuine, spontaneous name just like the comment anybody tasting it utters. A clear, direct, uncompromising taste that relates to that instinct for simple and good things we all share.

Gelato soft al tiramisù
Dolci veloci ristorazione

Who’s Behind Lebù?

Lebù is Granulati Italia’s latest achievement, the outcome of our 40 years’ commitment in the production of mixes for ice cream parlors, bakeries and coffee shops. Our craftsmanship is grounded in a thorough knowledge of raw materials and the best practices to select them, as well as in an accurate technical and technological research.

We are a family company that is still managed today with the same enthusiasm we started with. This allows us to keep expanding our catalog with innovative products, forerunning all our competitors thanks to solutions that can make our clients’ businesses more efficient and competitive.


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