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Lebù is the first semi-finished product allowing you to create 5 different desserts for your food outlet: designed for all professionals in the food industry, Lebù is made up of two convenient solutions that can be adapted to a variety of businesses, including ice-cream parlors, bakeries, restaurants and food trucks.

Imagine how handy it would be to create scrumptious tiramisu-flavored desserts in the blink of an eye, anywhere you are, even with little space or time available: all the magic of being able to serve the king of Italian desserts in innovative formats and in the most extraordinary situations, with the whole quality of a freshly made dessert.

Its quality is granted by Granulati Italia: Lebù is the destination of a journey that has been going on for more than 40 years and which is founded on the accurate choice of raw materials as well as cutting-edge processes, alongside with a close interest in everything that allows us to make our job more and more sustainable both for the environment and for the professionals who rely on us.

Kit Lebù

Enter the sweet world of Lebù

Composed of:
2 tins of 1,2 kg of Lebù Cream
1 bottle of 1 kg Lebù Topping

Inside the Starter Kit you will find a voucher with a discount for you!

Price: 50,00 €/box
Carton gross weight: 4,05 kg
Carton dimensions: 16 × 23 × 28 cm

Lebù Topping

With coffee and crumbled Savoiardi

Carton of 6 bottles of 1 kg each.
Price 16,00 €/kg

The topping with coffee and Savoiardi, is perfect to complete the taste of tiramisù on desserts. This topping is ideal for shops that want to offer their customers a complete and unforgettable taste experience.

Price: 96,00 €/box
Cartone gross weight: 6,9 kg
Carton dimensions: 16 × 23 × 28 cm

Lebù Cream

The creamy taste of tiramisù

Carton of 8 tins 1,2 kg each
Price : 12,90 €/kg

The Lebù Cream powder mix is the base that allows you to prepare a variety of desserts such as cold creams, spoon desserts, ice creams, soft and semi-cold, all with an unmistakable taste of tiramisù.
It is the ideal product for ice cream shops, pastry shops and yogurt shops that allows you to optimize the preparation time, while reducing the possibility of human error, and offering customers original tastes of high quality.

Price: 123,84 €/box
Carton gross weight: 11,1 kg
Carton dimensions: 43 × 23 × 22,5 cm


Promo discount!

3 cartons: 3%
6 cartons: 6%
12 cartons: 15%

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