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Lebù For Tiramisu-Flavored Milk Puddings & Custards

If you are looking for a dessert that is quick and easy to make, yet is also delicious and fancy, look no further: the tiramisu-flavored cream you can make thanks to our powder mix is exactly what you need!

Lebù was designed to provide you with the perfect balance of ingredients to get a mousse with just the right creaminess and all the flavor of the classic Italian tiramisu. You will only need to add cream and whip up the mix in your kneading machine for a few minutes: the result will be a light and fresh tiramisu cream, perfect as a dessert at the end of a meal with friends or to enjoy alone, in restaurants as well as from outdoor markets.

Moreover, the tiramisu cream you can get with Lebù is very versatile. You can use it to fill cakes or create original desserts in a cup, garnish them with powder cocoa or coffee alongside with Lebù Topping, our coffee- and sponge finger-flavored topping. Either way, you will be sure to flabbergast your customers with an irresistible dessert.

The milk puddings and custards prepared with Lebù can be frozen and then transported off premises if need be, therefore optimizing preparation time and reducing waste. Before you use it, freeze the mix directly in the pastry bag and let it sit at +4°C degrees for a few hours – this is the ideal solution in the case your lab is not close to anywhere you’re going to serve the desserts or if you have too little space available.

How To Use Lebù For Milk Puddings & Custards

To prepare your tiramisu-flavored milk pudding or custard with Lebù:


Use the same kneading machine employed for your other restaurant, bakery, coffee shop or food truck preparations;


Mix Lebù Cream with cream or mascarpone cheese for a more full-bodied result: when using cream, use 150 grams of product with 350 grams of cream; if using mascarpone cheese, just add 250 grams of mascarpone cheese and 100 grams of cream;


Put together your dessert by pouring 40-50 grams of cream in a 135-ml cup and garnish with about 15 grams of our coffee- and sponge finger-flavored topping, then add powder cocoa to taste.

Thanks to this 2-in-1 solution, you can prepare a line of simple, yet tasty desserts in advance or on the spot. They’re suitable for takeaway, have a rich and velvety texture, and allow you to optimize space and resources. Lebù doesn’t require any particular equipment or ingredients and is a versatile product suitable for any business.


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