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Questions on Lebù

Is Lebù gluten-free?

Lebù Cream DOES NOT contain gluten. Lebù Topping is made with bits of finger sponge, therefore it contains gluten.

How do I prepare desserts with Lebù?

Browse the How to use page to discover how to prepare the product.

What equipment do I need to work with Lebù?

Browse the How to use page to discover how to prepare the product.

How can I serve the desserts made with Lebù?

Watch the videos on our websites to get useful insights.

How many desserts can I make with a package of Lebù Cream?

About 48 cups containing 90-100 grams of soft ice cream or 73 glasses containing 60 grams of cold cream or 96 cups containing 40-50 grams of milk pudding or a 4.5-liters bowl of ice cream.

How much time do I need to make a dessert with Lebù?

Ice cream: 2-3 minutes to make the mix, 8-10 minutes for mixing depending on the model of your machine.

Soft ice cream: 2-3 minutes to make the mix, 5-7 minutes to process it in your soft ice-cream machine depending on the model, about 30 seconds to prepare the cup and serve it.

Cold cream: 2-3 minutes to make the mix, about 1 hour in the machine depending on the model, around 20 seconds to prepare to serve.

Milk puddings and custards: about 5 minutes to prepare the cream, around 1 minute per cup to prepare the pudding for serving.

Parfaits: around 15-20 minutes.

How do I need to store the cold cream and topping after opening the box?

The sealed packaging must be stored in a fresh and dry place, away from heat.

Does the product contain eggs?


What quality guarantees do I have?

Our company is FSSC22000 certified and is authorized to operate in the USA by the Food and Drug Administration.

Do you offer technical support for using the products?

Of course! Reach out to us at info@comeiltiramisu.com or phone/WhatsApp us at +393516256932.

How do I know what is the best application of Lebù for my needs?

Based on the equipment you have in our outlet, you can favor certain applications over others. Take a look at our How To Use section to understand what equipment you need to prepare different types of dessert.

How Can I contact customer service if I have any problems or questions?
Contact our support at customer@comeiltiramisu.com or phone/WhatsApp us at +39 3516256932.
Do you provide free samples of Lebu?
No, but you can buy the starter kit consisting of 2 tins of Lebù Cream and 1 bottle of Lebù topping. Inside you will find a coupon for your next purchase.
I have a coffee shop, is Lebù suitable for me?

Of course, there are many ways Lebù can be used in a coffee shop! Take a look at our How To Use section to discover more about them.

Do I need eggs to use Lebù?


Do I need mascarpone cheese to prepare Lebù?

You will only need mascarpone cheese if you wish to give your parfaits or milk puddings and custards a more rounded body.

Do I need sponge cake to prepare Lebù?

You will only need sponge cake to prepare parfaits with Lebù.

What’s the finished product’s shelf life?

You can store your soft ice creams, ice creams, cold creams and milk puddings for 72 hours at the right temperature. Parfaits can be stored in a freezer at -18°C for up to 20 days.

Is the product suitable for vegans?

No, because it contains animal-based ingredients.

Questions On Purchases and Shipping

What are the product delivery times?
For those who buy the product online, shipping takes 2-3 working days throughout the country. For deliveries to other countries you will receive more information from our customer service.
Is there a minimum order?
No, there is no minimum order. You can make a purchase of any amount on our online shop. However, as a first purchase, we offer you the opportunity to choose the starter kit consisting of 2 tins of Lebù Cream and 1 bottle of Lebù Topping. Alternatively, you can buy directly a carton containing 8 tins of Lebù Cream and/or a carton with 6 bottles of Lebù Topping.
Can I purchase Lebù for personal use?

No, we can only sell you our products if you have a VAT number.

What details do I need to buy Lebu?
You will need these details : company name, invoicing address, VAT number , shipping address, telephone number.
How can I place an order abroad?

If you are interested in a shipment abroad, please send an email to info@comeiltiramisu.com with your requests, or fill in the form on purchase page.

What are the shipping costs for international orders?
International shipping costs changes depending on the weight and destination of the order. Our customer service will give you details when ordering.
What are the delivery times for international orders?
Delivery times change depending on the country of destination. Once you have placed your order, you will be informed about estimated delivery times.
Can I return the product?

We can’t accept returns for safety reasons.


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