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Lebù For Tiramisu-Flavored

Sweet, soft, creamy and velvety, softies are a way of ending a meal that everybody loves. How about enabling your customers to savor it in an original tiramisu flavorthat recreates, down to the smallest details, all the aroma and texture of the most loved Italian desserts of all – with its sugary egg and mascarpone base mixed with layers of sponge fingers soaked in coffee and a drizzle of cocoa to finish off?

Lebù will bring these unmistakable flavors into your artisanal ice-cream parlor by providing you with a 2-in-1 express solution made up of a powder mix, Lebù Cream, and a coffee- and sponge finger-based topping, Lebù Topping, to garnish and complete your softies.

A taste explosion, all the bittersweet notes of tiramisu amped up to the max through these mixes for softies that can be quickly and easily used in all business and with all soft ice-cream machines.

How To Use Lebù For Your Softies

In order to prepare your soft ice cream with Lebù:


Use the same soft ice-cream maker that you use for the other preparations in your ice-cream or yogurt parlor


Mix Lebù Cream with whole milk to get the base for your softies: you will need 1.2 kg of Lebù Cream every 3 liters of whole milk


Serve the ice cream in your usual cups and garnish it with our Lebù Topping: for a perfect result, use around 15 grams of topping every 90-100 grams of soft ice cream and add cocoa to taste for a final bitter touch.

Lebù doesn’t require you to use extra appliances or raw materials – you can use the same ones you employ in your business every day – and that is why it allows you to optimize space and reduce waste.


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