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Lebù For Artisanal Tiramisu-Flavored Ice-Creams

If you own an artisanal ice-cream parlor, you know that it isn’t always easy to find the right balance between innovation and tradition so as to satisfy all your customers but at the same time give you the chance of experimenting and growing professionally in your role of ice-cream maker.

Lebù is a sure bet: a powder mix for ice-cream making thanks to which you will immediately be allowed to add to your offer a flavor that will get the unanimous consent of your customers. A tiramisu-flavored ice cream is just what you need to meet all of their needs with a typical Italian taste recreated here faithfully with all its bittersweet notes: in Lebù you will retrieve that unmistakable flavor that can only be created by the magical combination of mascarpone cheese, eggs, sponge fingers and coffee!

All of this comes in a handy and easy solution suitable for every business, even the ones on wheels, with no waste of raw materials. You can also use our mix to prepare other cold desserts in case you wish to further diversify your offer. Lebù is a 2-in-1 ice-cream making mix made up of a powder cream, Lebù Cream, and a coffee- and sponge finger-based topping, Lebù Topping, allowing you to finish off the ice creams in your cabinets with an extra touch of creativity and flavor. Keep reading and discover how easy to use it is!

How To Use Lebù For Ice-Cream Making

To prepare your traditional ice cream with Lebù:


Use the batch freezer – the one you usually use for ice-cream making: Lebù is also suitable for GX machines;


Mix Lebù Cream with whole milk in a ratio of 1.2 kg of powder mix to 2.9 liters of milk;


Garnish your ice cream with our tiramisu topping and place your ice cream in your parlor’s cabinets: we recommend using around 200 grams of Lebù topping and adding cocoa to taste for a final blast of flavor.

Lebù doesn’t require extra appliances or raw materials apart from the ones you commonly utilize in your parlor. Moreover, not only does the cold process allow you to keep all the original organoleptic qualities of milk untouched and preserve the wonderful aroma of our mix, but it enables you to keep the energy consumption low in your ice-cream or yogurt parlor. These are all reasons why Lebù enables you to adopt a virtuous working routine that contributes to the reduction of waste.


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