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Tiramisù-Flavored Desserts
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The Lebù Cream powder mix and Lebù Topping are the perfect solution for coffee shops and restaurants looking for a way of providing their customers with high quality, tailor-made desserts without having to make big investments in raw materials of taking up too much space in their warehouses or pantry.

Thanks to Lebù you can create a variety of tiramisu-flavored desserts in a quick and effortless way, cutting time and expenses and meeting the requirements of the most exigent customers. Tiramisu-flavored cold creams, ice creams, softies, parfaits, milk puddings and custards ready to serve or to combine with other preparations!

Save Time And Money with Lebù

Are you looking for a way of optimizing the preparation of your professional desserts, and avoid making compromises on quality? Your quest is finally over: the Lebù Cream powder mix allows you to get an exceptional tiramisu-flavored cream without the need of purchasing and storing eggs, mascarpone cheese, sugar and coffee separately. Moreover, the Lebù Topping will help you finish your dessert off with a dash of coffee and sponge fingers with the utmost ease of use ever.

Tempt Your Customers With Something They Can’t Resist

Lebù allows you to make quick professional desserts that recreate the uncompromising taste of tiramisu in any coffee shop or restaurant in a variety of declinations that meet the most diverse needs of your clients and with an eye to seasonality as well. The irresistible flavor of Lebù is granted by the accurate selection of raw materials and will be able to satisfy even the most exigent customers.


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Whether you use it to make a tiramisu ice cream, parfait or milk pudding, the flavor and texture of your cream will always be perfect thanks to Lebù.

With one single solution, you will be able to present your customers with a more refined, let alone a more sustainable, waste-free one. Are you on board with us?

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